Welcome to ARHMT

We welcome you to ARHMT; we are open to all practitioners of Reiki, Healing and Massage Therapists who work full-time or part-time in private practice. Also those working in salons and spas and wish to belong to a professional body that is not related to beauty and nails.

ARHMT is an UK based professional body that is independent and self-regulated. However; we happily take International Members as well.

We accept members from all three of the modalities listed above, including those using “non-standard” systems of Reiki and Healing. There are also many forms of Massage Therapy and we will accept most of these.

We will accept people who are “Energy Workers” in its widest sense – including those working with:

  • All systems of Reiki
  • Chi Gung
  • Meridian Therapy including Acupressure Massage
  • Polarity Therapy
  • EFT and TFT
  • Light Work
  • Crystal Healing
  • Colour Therapy
  • Theta Healing®
  • Energy-Focused Bodywork (Massage)
  • Lomilomi Massage
  • Flourish Therapy©
  • Neurohack Therapy©
  • Quantum Healing©
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Healing Touch
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Spiritual Healing

and many others. Please ask us if you have a qualification in another therapy and we will let you know if we accept it.

We believe that Massage work releases energy and that many massage therapists are ‘unknown’ energy workers. They allow their clients bodies to relax and then fill with calming, soothing energy. Some massages are far better at this than others – Holistic and Lomilomi. Although not as relaxing as others an Acupressure Massage unblock meridians and allows the flow of energy.

You can join ARHMT and become a Member with a Home Study, Distance Learning or Online qualification. You can become an Associate Member with no qualification at all.ARHMT for your professional membership

This organisation was established for a number of reasons. These are to:

  • recognise and promote a large number of Reiki, Healing, Massage or other Energy Therapists who are taking or have undertaken nationally recognised home study and attendance courses but are excluded from other professional bodies.
  • be a professional body that allows multi-modality membership.
  • promote contact and cooperation between Reiki, Healing, Massage and other Energy Therapists. To share knowledge, ideas and techniques.
  • provide a professional body that accepts and welcomes the valuable work that these therapists do in the community.
  • be a transparent organisation that the public can trust and use to find accredited and vetted Reiki, Healing, Massage and other Energy Therapists.
  • provide CPD, (Continuing Professional Development) in different formats for members through our training providers
  • include ARHMT conversion workshops to allow home study members to gain the required number of classroom or supervised hours to become fully accredited therapists and healers.
  • be a Professional Accrediting Body to accredit the courses of Organisational Members.
  • protect Reiki, Healing, Massage and other Energy Therapists from all inappropriate state or other regulation when we feel it could stifle course diversity and therapists creativity.
  • accept that National Occupational Standards of learning are sometimes necessary to protect the public. And we will uphold them in terms of content especially towards client protection during treatment. But we are anti-standardisation of training and the stipulation of unnecessary teaching hours* .

Anyone is welcome to become a member of ARHMT so long as they are a student of or have a recognised qualification in Reiki, Healing Massage and other Energy Therapy.

We also have a major section for Organisational Members; training course providers. We also welcome applications from organisations wishing to have their courses accredited.

*ARHMT does use a system of teaching hours based on Ofqual and the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council when accrediting a course where a Level is requested. We accredit some courses but without a level. (Please see the Course Accreditation pages for more details).